National Lead Climbing Competition - make the trip!

I've already posted about this on IrishClimbingCoaching, and there's loads of mentions of it on the forums so thought I'd give one final plug for the event. Hopefully as many of you as possible will be down to support the event, it's the first of it's kind in a long while and will only become a regular event if we can all support it. I can only imagine that there's a lot work involved to run an event like this, and with international route-setters being brought in, not cheap either!

Having said that, I won't be there myself due to work commitments not making it possible to make a flight home at a reasonable hour - not that I genuinely wasn't interested in going along to compete and support the event. But if you're in the country, hopefully you can make it down. I know for me, I'd be very inspired to take part in a leading comp over a bouldering comp!

For anyone nervous of a comp, don't worry about it - it'll all just be a bit of fun and a good experience for all - I would be more than willing to guess that everyone else will be in the same boat. And from hearing reports that two Irish climbers took part in the European championships in Ratho a few weeks ago (see the current BMC magazine for a photo of Eddie), I'd say that's more nerve-racking than a fun comp back home!

I'll look forward to hearing some great reports after the event!

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