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GreenGuru Chalkbags

While in Boulder visiting our friend Pepper, we ended up arriving on the weekend of the BoulderBoulder 10km run and there was a big festival / street-market ongoing as part of the fun. I came across this company while wandering the stalls and thought it was such a genius idea that they needed some promo/credit for their aspirations/ideas.

If you're based in the States, definitely check these guys out. They also produce a load of miscellanous bags (surf-boards - reused billboards!, laptop bags - recycled wetsuits!, shoulder bags - recycled soda bottles).

Basically, they're recycling loads of miscellaneous gear that climbers/bikers/outdoorsy-type people use. Ever wonder what happens to all those climbing ropes that are thrown away (or end up sitting in your press for who-knows-how-many-years after you've retired it). It turns out that the rope material is good for about 35 YEARS but that as we all know, we stop using the rope after only a few (and less if it's at a climbing wall or the like). So, with the support of some shops (big kudos to Prana for supporting this) which have containers that you can donate old gear (old bike tubes, ropes, fleeces, etc.), GreenGuru will take your old gear and turn it into something useful again.

I ended up buying the the chalk bag (from the 'chalk bag series' - all using climbing rope in some different/alternative form) they had on sale, that is produced from (taken from website):

  • ough 100% USA-Made Recycled Cotton Canvas exterior
  • Water-proof Bike Inner Tube rubber reinforced sides/bottom
  • 100% USA-Made Recycled Cotton Fleece chalk liner
  • Carabiner Loop
  • Reliable Drawstring Closure with Slide Lock
  • Colorful, reclaimed climbing rope trim

Basically, yes, it's a chalkbag but it's out of recycled materials and it's perfectly good at it's task, no sacrifices to be made! Genius. It's big too and easily accommodates my full hand for chalking up - the fleece on the inside doesn't seem to swallow half the chalk either as I've seen in other chalk bags, it's all there for you to grab.

The only complaint I can say of it is that there's no clip for a brush but it's a small complaint that I can live without for now and wouldn't let me not promote it.

UPDATE: I must be going crazy, there is one! Although, being part of the genius design, it turns out that the GreenGuru logo itself is actually loose underneath allowing you to stash a brush. On that note, I found that it was too loose for the Metolius brush as it's too thin (mine took a plummet from 20 metres for me to find out the hard way :), but a normal used toothbrush stays in easily.

The only part of the gear that isn't recycled is the stitching and the GreenGuru logo - pretty recycled if you ask me! Great products, great idea!



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Jun 30 2009

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