Other people's blogs to keep you motitated over the summer

Naomi at Mill Creek

I'm a big believer in the power of getting motivation by sharing so , in that interest, I thought I'd ask everyone...

Stick your own blog addresses in my comment field for others to check out - I know a few of my regular readers and I don't know their own blogs so want to check them out myself.
don't be afraid people, I love getting motivation from others! :)

In the meantime, check out Irish & Irish-related Climbers (where are there more of these?!?!!?):
Paul Brennan
Pierre Fuentes

Great blogs for international info:

and of the people who make money from climbing and are super-psyched!!!!!:
Joe Kinder: http://www.joekindkid.com/
Isaac Caldiero
Chris Sharma
Belgian Sean
Sonnie Trotter

For all the sites I've subscribed to (only takes a few minutes to scan every couple of days), here's my Google Reader public pageGoogle Reader public page. if anyone wants this, I can send you a file that you can import into Google Reader yourself.

Image Credit: Naomi onsighting a 5.11c in Mill Creek, Utah.

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