Fun sports

New Zealand is the land of the triathlon from what I can see. Everyone seems to have done one, or is training one for. So, as I consider my first ever (gulp!), I've been out on the bike supporting Naomi's first ever. Doing three sports in a row is hard, actually it's barmy but who am I to say anything so game on!!!

One of the compliments to New Zealand's tourist set-up though is that they really look after you when it comes to facilities. Whereas pretty much everywhere else I've ever visited rents out bikes, they're usually local-brand and pretty basic - actually very basic. Not so here! Instead I've been riding around on ex-demonstration bike frames with brand new top-of-the-line components - this fantastic Jamis road-bike. I thought I was doing well until Naomi turned up on a all-carbon-fiber racer. They rent out $3000+ road-bikes for $50 a day - ridiculous but neither of us are complaining.

Of course, just because the bikes are worth a fortune doesn't mean that they're still not susceptible to the same problems that all bikes can have. Yes, that is me fixing a puncture on the side of the road...... :)

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