The coolest adult, oops kids, toyhouse ever!

Every once in a while you visit something genuinely fun and unexpected! Saturday was one of those, as part of a visit to my old location of Wanaka from 2006 to show Naomi around. We'd thrown around the idea of go for a walk, drink some coffee and check out Puzzle World for some fun!

What can I say, it's a kids adventure playground, and yet it was such a laugh. Displaying some of the image tricks that were used in Lord of the Rings to make the Hobbits look tiny (and I'm sure a similar trick is used in Harry Potter's movies), you can see below the trickery. Yes, we're both a similar distance from the camera - it's how the room is shaped that makes it look weird :)

The highlight has got to be the full-size maze :) About 30mins to an hour in length, if you ever wanted a place to lose the family/kids/friends for a while, this is it :)

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