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Naomi training on the Rock Rings

It's been a fun few weeks since settling into Queenstown. Some temp work. Some cycling. Some running. Checking out the local crags. And some training on the side. It's amazing how much I started to realize how much I enjoy the training - not purely for the training but the focus that comes with it, and the obvious gains that are seen when I return climbing. I was feeling really sluggish in the past few months while traveling - mainly from not climbing - and finding that I just couldn't climb as well as I wanted. Some of it was rustyness (no, that's not a word :) and some was just losing form. Training articles seem to guesstimate that you lose training form after 3-4 weeks of not doing anything, and it'll take at least that to get most of it back. I found that just climbing wasn't working.....
So, a quick search online and I came across Stoney Creek and ordered a set of Rock Rings from Metolius. O.k., so it's not as good as a bouldering wall, or a full fingerboard for that matter, but I have to say they've been holding up to the job. Finger strength is returning, and some shoulder power is showing a semblance of re-appearing. It's a slow road back but I can't complain and I'm not feeling achy from it which is important too.
The other big benefit I have right now which has I've never experienced. The view from our balcony and house. Yes, that is the view below from the sitting room. I feel blessed to live in a location like this - it sure helps with getting up and swinging out of some rings!!

I've found a few projects in the Queenstown area so I'll hopefully get a blast on them in the next few weeks. Stay tuned......

p.s. do people want a list of training items I've found worked on the Rock Rings?
p.s also, my writing is very rusty right now. I'll make sure to make it improves as the weeks go on. It's good to be back writing regularly....

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