Cool climbing DVD to inspire for the New Year

The Fanatic Search DVD

I just posted up a review on TeamGearedUp of 'The Fanatic Search', DVD some of ye might be interested in. Features some brilliant footage that'll get you motivated on the winter nights when you should be training!
Interestingly, that new route that Chris Sharma climbed in Siurana (and is being high-lighted all over the web this week - see link below) is featured in the DVD heavily and shows the real effort to climb the route - not the rosy, super-hero style that can be seen in most mainstream movies (BigUp, I'm looking at you!).
Hundreds of attempts on one single move and he only manages to do this single after trying it for THREE days...... Inspiring as you can see how positive the guy is in the new teaser movie on BigUpProductions of what he's now capable of. Well worth a viewing if you're willing to buy it.

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