The perfect beaches.....

So, Andaman Islands. There was a photo months ago of an elephant swimming in the sea in the Irish Times and it'd looked amazing. I was in the vicinity so why not pop across and check it out?
Being India, it's a bit mad really. It turns out it's the same flying time to the Andamans as it is to fly to Bangkok..... If you look on the map, it's remarkably close to Thailand, don't you think? :) Anyway, India seems very determined to keep it part of their own country which meant the only way to get to the island chain is from India - bit messy when to get to Bangkok, we had to return west to the Indian mainland before flying east back to Bangkok. Doh!

But on a positive note. What can I say only the Andamans were gorgeous. Very few tourists (although it looked like there was accommodation for a lot more) and perfect white-sand beaches. Think white sand, blue water, at least 3 kilometers and only 30 chilled out as it can get!
It pretty much involved 5 days of sitting on a beach, swimming, snorkeling (o.k. they're both the same thing :), and generally happy thoughts! If anyone is looking for a spot to relax, add it to the list!
We didn't get to see the elephant swimming (he only does for a fee nowadays) but it seems that the wild elephants do actually cross the channels between islands by swimming. Amazing!

so long India

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