The creation of Hampi

From Hampi, India

Ever wonder how the boulders got here? Usually, it's glacial based (e.g. Glendalough in Ireland, Font, etc.). Here, it's an excellent reminder of how completely and utterly irrelevant us humans actually are on this planet.

These boulders are here from erosion.
It's some of the oldest land on the planet, and over 10's of millions of years, what was large hills of granite were eroded away, bit by bit, through wind, rain, sun to leave what is essentially a last-bit-of-rock-standing competition as the granite towers disintegrated and eroded away. So, the boulders ended up in their highly improbable position from erosion.
Think about it. This boulder formed out of what was a giant mound of granite, and that most likely in another 10,000,000 years (if the Indian government doesn't go throw with it's plan and turn all this rock into gravel for roads), it'll all be gone.
By my rough guesstimate, if it took at least 10,000,000 years of evolution to create these boulders and I've been here 28 years. That means I've been on the planet for, at most, 0.0000028% of that time. Every feel like you've been around for a not very long time on this planet and that we really only are a very small blip in the planet's story? With all those stories of global warming, etc., it's amusing to see we're determined to undo all this evolutionary work in as few years as possible.....

From Hampi, India

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