Bangkok madness

wow, I'd been watching the news with interest before I arrived into Thailand on Monday morning and I was laughing that there was supposedly meant to be another big strike in the city. We were landing in the early hours so thought we'd be fine and sure, what could go wrong at the airport?!
Welll.....I started over-hearing LOTS of people who were bemoaning that they couldn't get their flight. Weird, we hadn't heard anything in the last day or two so a quick chat with a tourist and some online checks....and it turns out the protesters have over-run the airport and it's completely shut down! Only happened a few hours after we arrived so we were soooo lucky as the airport has been shut for over two days now. Oops :)

Anyway, off to Ton Sai for climbing in a couple of days. There's loads of news from the last few weeks but I'll get to it tomorrow!

Sports climbing in India and touristy stuff

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