Arrival at a climbing destination! Hampi!!!!!!

From Hampi, India

climbing! yahoo! yayy!
O.k., we'd to spend two days in Bangalore 1st - not too bad as I was being pampered in a lovely little apartment. We also got to see one of the local climbing walls. It's outdoors which is a bit of an issue in a country that suffers from monsoon. Still though, it's 15 meters tall and three-sided meaning it's no surprise that there are local climbers that are climbing into the grade 8's. No excuses back home in Ireland y'all, you just have to want it. Dump all those fancy material possessions and get training :)

Still though, one overnight train later in the basic of basic of sleeper class (it cost 4Euro each to travel for almost 10 hours by train) and we got to watch the experience shown in this video in 1st person :)

and Hampi. You hear the stories. Boulders everywhere. as far as the eye can see. Monkeys. temples. And then you get there and it completely re-writes what your original thought of it's size! There are boulders everywhere as far as the eye can see. For the climbers, take Fontainbleau and then level the whole forest so you have a clear view of all the boulders. There's lots of boulders that have no holds whatsoever (part of how they got here - more on that later) but tons with countless edges to attempt to drag your sorry ass up.
We haven't seen any of the monkeys showing off yet, but give it time.....

From Hampi, India
(Look at the number of boulders!!! and that's in just one direction....)

From Hampi, India
(Proof I climbed :)

The creation of Hampi

Bye Nepal and it's all relative :)