Yoga in Nepal - Sadhana Yoga

Small treks, large waterfalls, kayaking, biking (dragged the bikes up 800metres of terrain for the coolest downhill ever :), chilling, chatting - it's all good here in Pokhara.

We've a plan to hit the Annapurna circuit so by the time you read this I'll be somewhere lost in the mountains and completely uncontactable.
But in the middle of all this, we managed to get to some chill-out sessions up at the premier yoga & meditation centre, Sadhana Yoga, in Pokhara. Honestly, I didn't really know what to expect having no real knowledge of meditation, bar what my own concepts and thoughts were towards life and how to live by your own wishes. After three days being looked after Asanga (the yoga teacher) and his lovely wife Durga (the chef), I only describe myself as refreshed and all set for the forthcoming weeks of trekking. I've definitely learned that I need to learn to calm my own thoughts also!
For anyone interested, I can only recommend checking the place out if you ever end up in Nepal. Expect a great few days of yoga classes, some fantastic chats with the other guests, and generally just chilling out and finding out how much noise your own thoughts make!
I may not have sold myself to all Buddhist thoughts but they're some of the most refreshing and open I've heard in a while. don't worry people, I won't be coming home in monks clothing - LOL. Although I have heard you can buy the garb anyway - what a cool Fancy Dress garb..... :)
Again, for anyone heading to Pokhara, make sure to check out Sadhana Yoga. They've recommended in the Lonely Planet also, and well worth the search to find their home!

Hope all's well at home....

Updated: forgot to include links originally to Sadhana's website

Annapurna Circuit Lite!

So long smelly India, and hello Nepal!!!