So long smelly India, and hello Nepal!!!

Pokhara, Nepal - So, after experiencing Varanasai, it was off to Nepal. honestly, I think I just couldn't handle the noise of India! Still though, what experiences we went through on the way - Dee, if you're reading this, I've seen locations a lot worse than where we stayed in China!
Still though, we played a day of trains and buses, arrived at the Nepalese border, were greeted to hugely opening arms by the locals.....who then promptly arranged us on one of their local buses (and as expected, very loaded with people and items!) and set us on our way to Nepal's 2nd city, Pokhara.
A long day (8-10hours on the bus on mountain roads) passed relatively pleasantly surrounded by some of the most friendly people I've ever honestly met. Seriously, considering this is one of the poorest countries in the world (over 20% of the population lives on under $1 a day), I've never felt such warmth. Still though, only amusing distraction is the bus horns. Boy racers back home in Ireland, you may pimp your cars out much fancier, but these guys have the edge on you when it comes to funky car horns! :) Still though, it's noise does lose it's novelty after a couple of hours :)
Still though, Pokhara. Beautiful with a few major mountains nearby of Machupinari - the local sacred 6,000m+ mountain and barred to all climbing, Annapurna 8,000m+, Dhaulgari 8,000m+, a gorgeous lake reflecting all these views, the friendliest of friendliest people, and not only that, but a relative silence to India :) I can see us spending some time here........

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