Random info on Nepal

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Random info on Nepal:
⁃ They've a massive energy shortage so electricity cuts for a few hours everyday. They're putting big effort into usage of solar and hydro power but no funding to buld the stations required.
⁃ One of the poorest nations in the world. Proved by the points when I go into a shop with the equivalent of a 5 euro note, and they are unable to give change for it...but they're some of the nicest people I've ever met which just shows you don't need cash to be happy!!! Shocking when you realise locals don't have change of 10Euro as it's more than double they spend in a day......
⁃ Less than a million tourists per year (hit hard after 9/11 and Maoist uprising in early 2000's)
⁃ 10 of the 14 highest mountains in the world are inside their border
⁃ There's something here for everyone; no matter what your ability when it comes to fitness
⁃ Paragliding and parahawking! Take paragliding as usual (a big parachute but can fly upwards using thermals on mountains) and get them to follow trained hawks that show them the way to the best thermals. It's the only place in the world you can do it..... Paragliding for $85/hour.
⁃ Mountain biking. too much to describe, and you can rent a good Euro-spec front-suspension bike for $30/day incl. a guide.
⁃ Trekking. duh. Porter works out about $20/day if you want one. We did our trek on about an average of 2400 Nepali Rupees per day. That's €24/day for two people.....
⁃ Kayaking. Any size, any river - this place is surrounded by big water.
⁃ Micro-light flying.
⁃ National parks including tigers/elephants/etc. Look up Chitwan National Park.....
⁃ Fancy safari resorts. See The Last Resort or Borderlands. $100 for two days being pampered in safari tents and all food/transport included with rafting or canyoning. Of course, there's always the lazy massage options too ;)

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