A drag in the Middle East

**Sorry but no photos for now - the internet is so bad here, I think I'm going to cry!

Kuwait Airport, Kuwait -Right so, how do you do this blogging thing again?!? Dust the cobwebs off the blog and all that :)

Anyway, back online. I won't bore you with much of the past few months as it didn't involve anything major (work, day to day, etc.). But in between work, I did manage to book some flights, finish out the work contract (hi to anyone from work by the way), and fly out to India to meet up with Naomi!
Except my plan was to make my first post from India. And if you look at the photo above, that sure ain't Indian. You see I'm stuck in Kuwait. It seems the pilot of my Kuwait Airways plane decided that he didn't feel like flying so never turned up leaving 400-odd people (399 of which seem to be Indian who can make a hell of a lot of noise when they're not happy!) stuck in a random hotel in the Kuwait Airport. fun times :)
Still though, relative to yesterday I'm not stressed? You see yesterday on my day of departure, there was an erm, what can only be described as a hiccup. You see, I planned all my stuff meticulously (as usual) for going away. Gear on the floor, list of what's needed and not needed, etc.
Except after moving home, it came to light, I'd lost my passport. The one thing you actually need when leaving the country. So at 1pm I set off on an impossible task of getting a new one and a new visa for India. By 5:36pm, incredibly, I was sitting with one in my hand. Indian embassy, you rock. Irish Passport office, get a microphone so you can keep your customers up to date :) Special kudos must go to my Dad for being taxi driver for much of the day. Extra special kudos goes to no speed checkpoints on the N7 either ;)
So after a manic dash home to re-pack (after ransacking everything to find the passport without luck) and back to Dublin again, I was in Heathrow. It's funny how drunk you can get on one pint after only having a small dinner, and no lunch and a manic day. 4 hours sleep later and back into Heathrow for what is now becoming the Longest Traveling Day Every (LTDE for short from now on :). I'm not sure what to say now, only it's been fun so far!

Side note, what to expect of India? Amazingly bright clothes on many of the women, really beautiful. Getting into a 8-person lift with 18 people (I'm not joking!) - I'm still laughing at that one. And the Indian love of forming a queue, no matter what the circumstances.
Anyway, it's 2am, I'm in a hotel room with no electrical sockets (?!) and they're giving us food at 3am. I've no idea when my connecting flight is now going so if I can find power I'll see about back-dating some photos from the previous months.
Have a great weekend all!

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