Bye Nepal and it's all relative :)

Bye bye Nepal. I'll miss you. Beautiful views - every once in a while, I still get shocked by the view on a bus of looking up and up and up and up all the way to the top of some random mountain that's way above my head. The sweetest people - helpful, generous, caring, funny, cheery.

and of course, being relative. We'd been told that Kathmandu was dirty, noisy, messy, crowded. It's all relative though, as our last big town to visit was the insanity of Varansai in India. I'm not sure if I'm over that place yet so Kathmandu is a path in comparison :) O.k., the traffic is insane (take Dublin traffic times, only triple the amount of time to go the same distance) but there's a wonderful blend of tourists mingling with the local scene that has to be loved. I miss you already (although Pokhara is even nicer!).

Arrival at a climbing destination! Hampi!!!!!!

Bungy & White Water :)