Bungy & White Water :)

From Bungy jump
Somewhere along the way, it seemed like a good idea to fling myself off a bridge. Oh well, got to follow your thoughts don't you :)
Off we went with The Last Resort (cool name for a destination :) and took in Asia's highest bungy jump, into a gorge of 160 metres. From a suspension bridge (bouncy!). It's a 4 second freefall so leaves an amazing sensation. Strangely, I felt slightly detached from the experience when I got there. Don't know if it was the queue, or my wish to do one for years, but I was ridiculously calm as I walked out onto the platform and dived off headfirst. Not sure if I'm just used to doing daft things which removed some of the terror but it was still a brilliant experience. As Naomi said, you should almost do one or two per year just to remind yourself that you can will your mind to overcome your fears. An excellent point - although I'm not sure about throwing myself off a bridge twice a year :)

After that, we were off to the lovely, and original of the safari-type resorts, Borderlands. Set alongside the Bhote Khosi river, they have a lovely chill-out spot where you're staying in safari-style tents and catered for brilliantly from the cool staff. Two days of white-water rafting ensued, starting off with a day of grade 2-3 and the 2nd day of grade 3-4. This turned out to be even better than the bungy, with a 4 hour adrenaline rush in comparison to the bungy 10 second experience. It's also probably helped by the fact that I love physical activity and I couldn't move my arms after the 2nd day :) We only came close to flippng the boat on one occasion which seemed pretty good for a team of people with no clue of what they were doing!
The teamwork element of white-water also adds an excellent twist. Forget about what ever negative ("that person is soooo annoying!") or positive thoughts ("damn, he looks really strong"), you're all in it together and if you don't work together, the boat is going down the rapids upside down! Anyone involved in team-building, get your group along to a white-water rafting event! Now, anyone know where the nearest masseuse is......
From Bungy jump

Bye Nepal and it's all relative :)

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