Creative cards, Daniel & an aerodynamic haircut


DUBLIN, IRELAND - 8am and it's a slow start to the day after a hectic evening jumping between events. First off, myself and Naomi joined the car park, sorry Dublin traffic, and headed off to a family gathering. Anyone who's been to Mario's in Ranelagh will already know how good the food is. I hadn't - but can now confirm how good the food is :) Still though, we weren't there for the food - Rory, Naomi's brother, was celebrating a birthday and with some relatives visiting from Canada, it seemed like the perfect excuse for a meal!

Highlight of the meal? Rory receiving a Daniel O'Donnell birthday card from a sister that....wait for.....sang Happy Birthday. Funniest card I've seen in ages. To all my good friends abroad, it's hard to describe this guy. All I'll say is, I wouldn't listen to his music :) Made for a good laugh though! To top that all off, two of the cards he received were personally made - how cool is that?!?!


Anyway, after that it was off to a pub to celebrate another birthday, Claire's and say goodbye to a good buddy, Al, who's living the dream again and road-tripping around Europe for the next 8 months (Although I did hear rumors of it being extended for an extra 4 ;). Sporting a new haircut (how many solicitors do you know with a completely shaved head? :), he looked like the guy who was free of work and doing what he really enjoyed for the forthcoming months. Hopefully I'll be seeing you in a few weeks for some climbing action!

Image Credit: #1: parked in traffic and a lovely rainbow on the canal, Dublin.
#2: Rory, Rosanna and relatives at the end of a quality meal in Ranelagh. Sorry for the crap photo - useless camera phone!

- Neal :) -

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