Connemarathon and sore calfs :)

tAnyway, on way more interesting note, I was out taking part in the Connemarathon last weekend. All I can say is that it's great fun and I'll recommend it to all, regardless of your level of fitness. Myself and Naomi, both just over injuries (hip/knee and ankle, respectively), were out for a fun day out and had a great laugh. It's amazing how quickly two hours can pass when you're chatting the whole way!
Unfortunately, and basically because I was worried about the weather and the phone getting ruined (which was a non-event as it happened as the sun appeared), I didn't bring a camera so I've no photos. Silly me....

I've put up a report on Team Geared Up so I won't re-write it here.
I will mention the aftermath however :) One of my calfs is still aching! I'm not surprised to be honest - anyone who does sport will know that if you don't participate in the activity, the first day back can be pretty nasty. 13 miles on road for me is especially nasty, and to be honest, I'm amazed I'm not actually properly in agony from the tarmac-pounding. A good sign I suppose!

[Update: and of course, I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't mention my great hostess. Thanks Helen (Sis!) for putting me up and recommending some quality restaurants over the weekend in Galway....]

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