Another hectic week and the working life

DUBLIN, IRELAND - It's amazing how much work affects the day to day life. As I enter my 3rd week, I'm already seeing the effects of it - much more tired, wayyy less hours for doing the things I really enjoy, less time to meet friends and take part in sport.

Basically, for me, work seems to boil down to doing it for the financial benefits. I.e. no money means you can't eat/travel/stay active == live. It's an interesting conundrum, and I've spent quite a bit thinking about the many people I know who are just doing their work as "it pays the bills" (as replied in more than one email in the past few weeks). Can you imagine how much more would be done if we all did the work that we all enjoyed!?
Someday (and sooner than later) I'm hoping this changes and I'm doing a job I genuinely believe in! Having said that, I got another email from an old friend recently who's working on a new and exciting new technology and is working all the hours of the day on it. But you know what, he loves it. I can relate to that: if I'm to spend 8 hours (at least) of every day (i.e. a third of the day!) doing work on something, I'd like to be on something I believe in!

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