You know it's a weird (but funny) night when....

- you order a non-alcoholic pint (driving so no booze), sit it on the middle of the table and sit down. with no-one touching the pint glass explodes! We're guessing it was straight out of the dishwasher, warm, and they put ice cubes and the liquid in it. Still though, it's the first time I've ever been soaked by a pint and said "cool!!!!!"

- you're out catching up with some old friends who you have seen in ages. You pop into another pub with them (as you do) and bump into an old college classmate.
- He's out with some old work colleagues. You notice some of the girls dancing, then one of the girls turning to another and starting to kiss her. Except for when other pulls away, and even without hearing what she's saying, you can tell she's trying to politely tell the other girl that she's not into that sort of thing. Funniest thing I've seen in ages :)
- Asking why your college classmate is nursing a fractured wrist, and finding out that the guy beside him thought it would be funny to demonstrate his new martial art techniques off while drunk (two weeks before tonight) and breaking his wrist..... Ow....

I kid you not, all these stories came up in the past 3 hours :)

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