The new training board

KILDARE, IRELAND (Usual Suspect's blog) - It's a Friday evening, what else are you going to do only go and do some training? O.k., maybe not for all, but it seems a good idea for me :)
Still though, it's a wonderful feeling just having the inclination to go climb, and just turn up at your own personal climbing wall. Crank up the stereo, a quick warm-up and then just start working hard. A 90 minute session today, it's good to see quick adaptions to the new wall, it's (steep) angles, and it's (gritty) holds.
Initial impressions? I can hang comfortably one-handed from all single-joint holds but moving between them is another story. If they're close together, no problems but add in bigger moves and I'm in trouble. In short, I'm suffering from too-much-time-on-a-fingerboard Syndrome. Easily recognised and easily fixed however so it won't take long to sort this out.
While I haven't been training as much as I like this year (lacking in interval sessions basically), my strength levels are pretty high so can't complain. Pulled my first almost-one-armer in a long while recently so must be doing something right....

Still though, most important thing to fix? get a more stable routine going - getting to bed and 3am twice in one week meaning serious lack of sleep completely defeats the purpose of training - you're body just doesn't get the same benefits as when it's getting lots of rest!

Image: some of the holds on the 60 degree board :) yum..........