For sale: One pair of knees

Your daft ("strange" was the description I was told for this post!) bit of humour for Saturday afternoon.....

Some minor history of tendon problems and currently sporting some mild

Career bests:
Played against (and beat) most of what is the now the current Kildare Town soccer team in earlier days.
Used to be able to run a sub 6 minute mile comfortably.
Super tough at Egyptians and drop-knees for climbing!

Hair has re-grown since owner retired from active soccer so look in good, if slightly worn, condition.
Being sold due to difference of opinion between owner and knees over amount of running that they can handle (see reference to tendinitis above :) Owner is looking for an upgrade!
All answers/offers in the comments below.....

p.s. N (sorry no more name specifics other than that on the public blog for now!), my girlfriend, is currently offering an ankle for upgrade also. Currently sporting a sprain (injured three times in the past two weeks?!?!) limiting running but I know it is still climbable on ! I'll pass on all offers......

The new climbing co-op wall

Another morning, another season