Connemarathon Sponsorship

Hopefully this isn't too cheeky but thought it was an interesting experiment to see about using the 'net to gather sponsorship.
Basically, I'm running the Connemarathon half marathon on April 6th in eh, Connemara (duh :) in 23 days (yikes, that close!?).
The charity I picked from the choice on the website is Croí. As it happens, I've to raise €250 for the "entrance fee' - which all goes to Croí.

So, I'm hoping that you all will be willing to sponsor me! Most importantly, I absolutely guarantee that any additional donations (exceeding the €250, if any) will also go to charity. I'm not in this for myself (well, maybe the punishment of the run, but not financially!). What other charity? Well, I'm looking for ideas for this too - feel free to recommend ones below in the comments. I've some ideas but will see what y'all come up with also - I like community recommendations.

Options to donate:
Paypal: transfer money to '' There will be a transaction charge for me to withdraw it but I'll cover all these costs. Email me to notify me if you do it this way.
Bank transfer: email me personally if you prefer this way.
Physically hand it to me: depends how often you see me of course!
Other: All other suggestions are welcome.

To guarantee this is all legit - I guarantee I'll publish a full list of people who donate (without amounts so no-one is pressurised to give any amount, anything is good).

Of course, to top it off, I'll do my best to document the run on the weekend. You can expect some amusing posts to go with this :)
And to begin on this, well the new runners have been purchased and am slowly breaking them in at present - always nice to be out in new shoes (especially as I'm back in my old friends, Nike's). I've gone through some problems in the past few weeks in relation to a tweaked tendon in my left knee, and mucking up the tendon in my right hip. You might guess that my tendons are a little fragile! It's not going to be the decent time I was hoping for but it'll still be a fun run :)

Update: if people would prefer I don't publish a list, that's fine too! thought it might help in transparency.

You know it's a weird (but funny) night when....

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