A chilly weekend in the Burren

KILDARE, IRELAND - Back from a chilly weekend in the Burren with N. Great time, and a much needed distraction before starting back into the workplace for the first time in a while (yawn, and no more comments on what the job is like!).
Still though, I did get down to the boulders of Doolin for some photos of the gang playing on some problems. One of the unusual benefits (or quirks) that Ireland has is that at the coastal climbing areas, the boulders get moved around ever year in the storms. Seriously, 3 meter tall boulders just end tens of meters away and upside down from where they were the year previously. Means for much entertainment after every winter as it's like entering a new playground again.

Anyway, Pierre and Nigel get all the glory with the photos. thoughts on how I can improve them?