Training in the wee hours

KILDARE, IRELAND (Usual Suspect's blog) - I'm being swamped at the moment. Five or six different things - all related to work - and they're all pulling me in opposite directions meaning it's a battle to keep my head above it all! It's good in many ways though, I'm a much better person when I'm busy and active.
But it has meant it's been a struggle to get in training. Between some unexpected phone calls yesterday and some call-outs it meant only getting in about 30 minutes of my 2-hour Tuesday training session.

anyway, I didn't get home till 1am last night. Staying up for another hour to train was a serious struggle but soooo worth it. I'm well aware that it's not ideal to be training at this sort of hour but sometimes it's needed. And I'm much better for it today with no frustrations that I missed the session.
Although since I've been up since 7am, I'm hanging! A vague attempt to tick off some items before going to help out with the building of Dublin's new climbing wall means I'm chasing my tail again. Sigh!
From a wonders of technology point of view, it's great to be able to work so easily while away from home. Sitting in McCafe means the main benefit is that they've got free wi-fi. I know, it's a McDonald's but the coffee is good and it means I'm productive, even when having a break between dashing off somewhere else.
A long day ahead with the wall. And I've a 60 minute climbing session and a 5 mile run to fit in later. Looks like it could be another late one..... :)

The beginnings of a climbing wall

Amusing video of the day