A morning with the physio

KILDARE, IRELAND (Usual Suspect's blog) - Another day, another trip to the physio :) Thankfully, since I started following proper training programs, this is a much rarer occurrence than before with my haphazard training (and again, check out coaches for more info on this - shameless plug, I know :).
Having said that however, for some reason, whether it be from all my soccer as a kid, or just general wear and tear from years of activity (most likely), but I've always had issues with knees and hips. I'm on speaking terms with them but they like to let me know intermittently when they're sore.
So, once again, and probably brought on by the fact that I joined up for Rachel C's big run across Wicklow two weekends ago (lesson from that day? Starting on a steep uphill without a proper warm-up is NOT a good idea!) but I've been aching since then.
Thankfully, I've a great setup with my physio who's been putting my back together since I was 13. You can guess she knows my quirks pretty well by now after almost 15 years! But these days, we've got a bartering setup - I fix her (and her family's) computer's and she gives me physio. Who needs money eh? :)

Anyway, where was I? I'm sitting in a cafe 10 minutes afterwards and I'm praying to the Running Gods for forgiveness. Owwwwww......... Still though, with the massage and electro-therapy (My mind has blanked the official term for this), I know that by tomorrow, I'll be showing improvements. A couple of sessions and physios can do wonders :) Bring it on!

Am I the only one that gets really depressed and grumpy when I can't get exercise?

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