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KILDARE, IRELAND - I'm probably going through the biggest point of turmoil/randomness in my life in a long while. As I find myself looking at what I plan and aim to do with my future career/life options, I find that I'm juggling a lot of balls. The problem is that they're all going in separate directions!
With aims to get some intermittent coaching work, some possible other work in the IT business (can't say right now) and jump back into a more defined work system with goals to aim for, some great other things happening in life and as always my sports taking up way too much time (which is no bad thing I might add :), it becomes a major struggle to keep the head above it all and see the big picture. Not knowing where you want to end up in the career field doesn't help either! [side note: should I really care? I know I do, but what is people's attitude to this?]

Still though, as ever it's come down to the simple things. Put it all on paper. Plan ahead. Make a decision - you won't really regret them as long as you make a decision and it's not somebody else making them for you. Plan ahead. (Yes, I put that in twice). Set goals (just like we wrote over on ICC for when it comes to training).

Now, here's hoping one or two of the balls actually land in the right place as I'd like them to :)

On a side note, I actually got to sit down with a friend on Saturday afternoon and make out her plan for her training ambitions this year. It was amusing to see that she had training factored in for every day of the week (and sometimes even multiple sessions every day) and that she was trying to aim on three different sports - all of which involved serious commitments in time/effort and her basically giving up all socialising (which she wasn't willing to do either)! It's amazing what you'll realise once you see it on paper.

Image Credit: how I looked after I arrived back from China in September '06. It was about then that I started putting together the plan for my big trip! On a side note, I'm amazed to think that this blog has been online for almost 18 months now - thanks to all my readers, and especially commenters for checking in!

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