Irish Blog Award Nomination

KILDARE, IRELAND - What the .....?!?!??! I made the shortlist for the Irish Blog Awards in the specialist category. Hilarious!

There I was thinking I should make this site look a little more glossy and appealing to the readers. I must say I'm finding it very amusing. Thanks to all those to nominated me for the awards anyway though, it's very appreciated and I'm humbled that you'd actually even nominate me (in fairness, I know my sister nominated me so at the very least I should thank her ;)! If there was ever a reason to keep up the blogging, it's knowing that people keep reading.
As it happens, the award night is the weekend of the Bouldering Meet so not sure if I'll make it to the event. Hmmm, decisions decisions. It would be good to meet up with some of the other bloggers however I've gotten to know/read through the web - Aisling, Treasa, For Nine Pounds and Robin being a few examples. I'll have a think about it.....
And on that note, I'm off to try get some work done!

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