The beginnings of a climbing wall

KILDARE, IRELAND (Usual Suspect's blog) - It begins! The holds are in, the wood has arrived and there's a huge amount of motivation to get the wall ready!

Here's the first batch of photos from the site. Sorry, but I'm not posting a higher quality image of the wall plans - Michael put too much effort in to give them away that easily :)

The panels were drilled last night, and most of the t-nuts are in. Moving along nicely and I'm guessing a lot of it will be finished by next week. Awesome!
Unfortunately, I'm away for the weekend but will post some photos of the finished article once it's all up and running....

Image: A rough idea of the room. Wait till we're finished with it ;)

Update: posted without link to photos in error. Updated

A weekend in Sardinia

Training in the wee hours