Irish Blog Award Nominations

It's a dark and dreary day and I'm suffering the job search websites. Why oh why is there is so many and why oh why are they such a pain to use?!?!
I know I know has kicked off, but still have to keep an eye out :)

Anyway, since it's a quiet morning and Robin has posted this up on TGU, I thought I'd give it a plug also. TGU started out pretty quietly and yet now draws in a large contingent of sports people from Ireland. Give it the credit it deserves! Nominations can be made here

I'm sure there's one or two other sites that deserve some credit also. Treasa Lynch's kitesurfing photos (or her flickr feed)come to mind...... Dave A's (when he's writing regularly - Dave, are you out there?!?! ;)

Interestingly, and on a completely (o.k. slightly relevant) different note, I decided to submit my own nominations to the list. Why can't I think of more than a few Irish-based blogs to reference? I know I've asked this before, but send on all good Irish blogs to me in the comments below!

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