The beginning of a new Venture -

So it begins. I'm just going to replicate what Nigel was written up on the forums as it pretty much says it all.
Just to let you know about something new to the Irish Climbing Scene. We are IrishClimbingCoaching. We offer Climbing specific coaching to all levels from complete beginner to seasoned veteran. This can be on a 1 to 1 or small group basis and is completely individualised to your needs, be it Technique focused or Physical Training. All with Coaches proven both in Climbing and Coaching ability.

Check out our site for more details. We plan to update the content regularly with various articles focussed on training related issues, keeping you motivated and lots more.

Check it out, there is something for everyone!

Any suggestions - post 'em up!

Neal + Nigel - IrishClimbingCoaching

This is posted into the forums. The site is very raw at present, but expect changes in the coming weeks!
I'm really excited to get involved with this, so hopefully people are thinking likewise.

Feel free to send me any thoughts or ideas you have on how we can improve ourselves also (either directly to me, the comments below, or the forums). We'd really appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.....

A busy week ahead

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