Manning the Desk

So, it's been a quiet week or few for me when it comes to the blog. Don't ask me, I just haven't been feeling very inspirational!

anyway, last weekend was spent at the Cork Irish Bouldering League (IBL) competition in Midleton, Co. Cork. Having been on an enforced break from sports due to some minor aches, I wasn't competing but it seemed like a good idea to go and help out along with a bit of socialising.

So, after a bit chatting, some writing, a near miss with a laptop (don't ask), lots of inhaled chalk dust, the comp passed in a long blur throughout the day. All in all, great fun and everyone seemed happy if a little stiff (good work from the routesetters if you ask me :). Like I said earlier, the closest thing to a problem is the enclosed nature of the climbing wall meaning you're breathing more chalk than air by the end of the day. Yum.

Still though, as I went through the traditional ritual of after competition pints (just shows how serious we treat our climbing over here :), I was able to reflect on the fact that there's such an amazing, social setup here in Ireland. I can honestly say I knew pretty much everyone at the comp and that says a lot. Great bunch of people to spend my time with if you ask me!
As I slowly re-acquaint myself with climbing again, I did manage a couple of hours at the Cork climbing wall on the way home. Pretty funky little setup and if you were looking for a good weekly wall, you couldn't do much worse.

As winter officially tries to do it's worst here today, I'm sure the surfers are pretty happy. Check out these photos from last weekend (link courtesy of Sean). I'm not so sure it's making my running any more enjoyable however. LOL :)

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