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Since this email dropped in the door, well inbox, and it's a pretty sensible one for everyone, I thought I'd link to it.
Good ol' Greenpeace are getting an online petition together to try get a law passed banning the old-school lightbulbs. Currently, it's set for 2019 but it's not that hard for everyone to change over, and if you haven't, well it's costing you money in the long run so you've an incentive to do so :)
The only company it's helping is irish company Solas (who don't seem to sell any type of the newer bulbs from what I can see) so give them the kick up the arse to start doing so.

Get yourself over here to sign the petition. Make sure to un-tick the email notification if you're not keen on receiving any more emails (there isn't many anyway so don't worry and it's easy to unsubscribe) ).

On a side note, here's an interesting article from their blog: Wind power catching up to nukes in Germany. When will that be the case here in Ireland? Or when will we have the option to specify where our energy comes from, other than through the monopoly? I remember an interesting chat with HAP about the fact that she could buy her electricity from an alternative energy company in the States.....

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