Photo editing online

I've been tinkering with some online photo apps recently and came across Flauntr.
For anyone looking to do some editing to photos, this is pretty impressive!

It's most useful and killer reason for using it? It integrates directly into your Flickr account meaning that you don't have to re-upload photos to do any work on them. Now this is how to make a useful app.

Anyway, it's got three separate areas for doing different types of work:
1. for putting frames and borders, etc.
2. your basic photo editing (red eye, etc.). Most people probably use Picasa or iPhoto so not as useful
3. photo upload for multiple sites (MySpace, Bebo, etc.) - pretty impressive what they support already and it seems the site is only a few weeks old.

for anyone playing with photos, it's worth trying out.

Short update after Spain