Work commutes and Mass Consumerism

On the eco bandwagon this evening as haven't done it in a while :)
I found this cool article pressing the logic behind living close to work and that "expected 59% increase in the number of miles Americans drive between 2005 and 2030 will outpace any reduction in greenhouse gases from better fuel efficiency of cars and trucks."
Considering Ireland is just as car dependent as the US, anyone want to take any bets on it being a similar situation here in Ireland?

Also, after reading this on HAP's blog, I checked out this photographers site containing images of 'American Mass Consumption'. It could apply to anywhere in the world with some very sobering photos of waste products (the ones of dumped phone chargers seems to really grate me for some reason). Interesting though and well worth checking out.

One for the readers: share your blog/photoblogs!

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