Around the bouldering venues of Ireland

O.k., I'm being a bit lazy here but since I've already written up this for the Team Geared Up blog, I'm just going to link to it here. Anyway, you mean to say you haven't read this entry already!?!? ;)

In short, it covers everything I've been up to for the past few weeks - bouldering in Clare, scoping out new rock in Clare and Kerry, and bouldering in Glendo.

In between all that, I've gotten back running again (thankfully!) after binning my super-expensive insoles. After realizing that they were the culprits behind my huge blisters after each run (considering they're designed by foot specialists for use while doing activity they'd know that FEET RUB while doing exercise!!!!! muppets :), I'm now back to the old reliable Superfeet (for anyone who does a lot of running or any activity, I'd recommend taking those insoles that came with your trainers out and buying yourself an upgrade). First run: 7 miles in 47-ish minutes on hilly terrain. Not bad considering I haven't run in 4 weeks but off what I was getting to. Think I need to find some hill runs to take part in - anyone know when the next one is on?

Anyway, here's the batch of photos from the yesterday in Glendalough - couple of good ones. Let me know if anyone wants originals. You owe me a pint if so - I have to fund this camera somehow! LOL :)

Motivational (I think) vids

Sun sun sun, and climbing and a 'stiff as a board' back