Leaving on a jet plane

Well, I'm playing catch-up with this blog as you can tell but from the 'online location' but I'll see if I can get there in the next day or two: compress the past two and a bit weeks into two or three blog entries.

So, I continued clocking up the mileage with a flight via Sydney to Bangkok. Only hiccup was a computer system declaring that I was 10 minutes over the allotted time so I was unable to transit directly through. Sometimes you have to curse computers and their inflexibility :)

Pimp-my-ride tuk-tuk in Bangkok. Notice the big exhaust! LOL
Still though, not that I could complain in the end after after arriving into toasty-warm Bangkok. Of course, it being a traveling trip, and it not being my first time, my nearest passenger on the plane joined up with me for guidance on her first night in the big city. Considering I'd done the same myself on my first time here, it was a fair deal - karma and all that, right? Still though, Jo turned out to be great company as we survived our first night in not-so-top-quality hostel on the main tourist strip, Ko San Road. Strapping the industrial sized air conditioning unit to the outside of my window is not cool.....well, actually it was, but it was noisy :)
We quickly abandoned that, em, dump for a more fancy location next day and started settling in. Of course, I'd a day to fill which was easily taken care of just wandering the streets of Bangkok to reacquaint myself with it's quirks and eccentricities.

Did I mention all the wild dogs and cats before?
the reason for the wait was my new arrival for two weeks: HAP. Having entertained me while I visited in January, it'd sounded like a great idea to meet up for a trip later in the year. Couldn't have sounded better actually!

Anyway, with a flight already paid for to whisk us away to the south of Thailand, we were left with only a few hours to browse the streets of Bangkok. Basically enough time to show that, yes you could live on 40 cent off-the-street-meals (noodles, vegetables and egg all stir-fried) while in Bangkok, and that yes, it was ridiculously humid as HAP found out after trying to go for a jog on her first morning. 10 minutes later she returned feeling dizzy.....lesson learned the hard way.

Three hours, and in typically late fashion for the flight, we were off to Ton Sai after jumping on our cheap and cheerful flight (condolences to anyone who knew anyone on that flight into Phuket last weekend also) to Krabi before the obligatory bus and long-boat ride to our private climbing beach, Ton Sai in Thailand (Google maps link). To say we were both looking forward to this would be an understatement!

And so, I'll finish the first update - this just brings me up to our permanent location for the next two weeks so I'll make that all one entry. Stay tuned for the fun and games of that! Should be posted over the weekend for your enjoyment.
Have a great weekend all!
p.s. possibly will try for some outdoor bouldering tomorrow in Glendalough if anyone is around?

Sun sun sun, and climbing and a 'stiff as a board' back

disappearing act