So long to Wanaka

So it's so long to Wanaka and it's local resort of Cardona. Will I
miss it? Yes and no. The snow was to be perfectly frank, pretty crap
- and I affectionately called it 'gravel-boarding' on frequent
occasions. O.k., it wasn't that bad (although there was frequently
stones on the pistes), but it wasn't very good. But in between all
that, there was the view (see below) which I got to walk along every
day, most usually at least twice, the wonderful bunch of cool/
hyperactive/keen kids that I got to climb with and show a few tricks
or two up at the climbing gym, did I mention the view?, and the bunch
of Irish that resided in this tiny town of 5,000. It's quite a weird
experience being on the opposite side of the world but a bunch of
friends from home (definitely takes away from the experience a little
bit as there's less incentive to go and meet new people - but also
has that benefit that it's friends from home)!
Still though, with some exciting new plans coming up in the coming
months, I'm ready to move on. Firstly, I've a little trip to Thailand
to take care of - and I cannot wait for it! Then, I'll probably get
to experience some more Irish weather before my next big adventure ;)
Stay tuned on that one! I'll try bring home some of the amazing
weather from here however......

So long to New Zealand and a funny story for all the wrong reasons

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