Jelly wrestling

You read that right.
O.k. and much to (all the blokes) disappointment, I was late as I was
out training at the local climbing gym so only got to see the final and
tag-team match, and I wasn't allowed to bring in my camera as there were
too many drunks around. But yes, there was jelly wrestling on in one of
the local pubs last night. All I can say is I'll watch anything once. A
few cms of jelly on a solid concrete floor does not look pleasant to be
fighting on however and I'm willing to bet there's some funky looking
bruises on the girls after the night also!
After watching it however, all I was thinking was that if we're the
pinnacle of evolution on earth, something went drastically wrong in the
early development stages...... :)
for anyone interested, I've been told that YouTube will sort you out for
those who are inquisitive about 'jelly wrestling' (as I was informed by
a helpful drinker last night). sorry but I couldn't check as I was
fairly sure I'd get kicked out of the 'net café for it (and I'd more
important things to be organizing online today - stay tuned.....). Start
your searches now!

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