Hostel Pets

Firstly, I've been meaning to post on the two new pets .Unfortunately I leave this funky hostel (how many hostels have a proper coffee maker, a free landline phone with local call access, and free freshly made bread every morning?) but these have been some of the company everyday at the Wanaka Backpacka Hostel.

Meet Bindy, the 4 month old labrador. Loves to chew anything (I've now got holes in all my socks and she's attempted to saw through the laces on my Salomon trail shoes) and eat everything else.

and meet Alan, the female cat (don't ask - I didn't either). amazingly this cat is 16 and has lived in the hostel all her life. Still though, it turns out she also chews everything and eats anything else. Must be something in the water.

Sport Update

Jelly wrestling