A generous start to the day

What a weird start to the day. All set for snowboarding until a mix-up
with gear meant I was missing an important item (gloves are pretty
important!). Still though, I'd to sort out some other things before
leaving New Zealand next week so probably a good thing.
So there I was, making the usual pilgrimage walk (about 3 or 4 km) walk
into town this morning to sort out some more future plans and help pay
for the internet café's monthly bill (seriously, I paid for it on my own
in three weeks which means that all the other cash they got from myself
and other customers was to cover salaries and profits - I think I'm in
the wrong business :) and a car pulls up and shouts over if I need a lift.
Hitching is still really common here so why not - it'll make a change
from the walk. It turns out this bloke was actually only going another
hundred meters down the road but was feeling generous so drove me into
town. Nice! - it's always great when people have that sort of attitude.
so, today's mission will to be generous to some other people in return.
So long as no-one asks me to do any heavy lifting, another evening of
training at the climbing gym followed by belaying the local kids on the
wall has me worn out :)
On a side note, it's great to see the motivation from the kids (all
under 15) - a great reminder of the complete joy and innocent fun you
get from climbing which can easily be forgotten sometimes when you're
pushing yourself with grades.
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