Flights and future plans

And on another note, you'll remember I mentioned I was off to Thailand for a super-exciting liaison with a friend of mine soon, I suddenly find my future plans looking about as organized as my pile of study notes from university ever were ;) Part of the un-official reasoning for this trip was to see if there was anywhere new and exciting that I'd be interested to move to. Ironically, I found this possible place in the first two weeks, and SLC wasn't even part of my original plans to even consider! I can only be grateful for someone's trip to Ireland last year for everything that has happened since!
I had a chat with a great friend today (won't give name in case person prefers not to be published) and described it perfectly: "I'm ready for some type of permanency and work to climb and climb to motivate me at work. It is a nice little cycle."

So, in the past week or so, some un-foreseen options for travel have come up meaning I might end up in Australia, or in USA - all dependent on visas. Being a long distance apart, you can guess it's a little exciting, and little unsettling as it means an absolute nightmare trying to organize flights, etc. All fun though, and I can't really complain when it involves a new location to live! We'll see how it plays out in the coming weeks. Expect my 'last online location' (on the right-hand side of the blog page) to show some fun new locations :)
It's great to meet challenges head on and work them out - life would be boring without challenges!

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