Excitement on the drive to Christchurch

What an exciting drive on my departure from Wanaka! There we were,
cruising down on the roads crossing New Zealand (no idea where)
looking something similar to the bloke in the photo above (i.e. bored
stupid :) and there's this almighty bang.
The bus driver lets out a curse or so, and pulls over. It turns out a
piece of wood had fallen off a truck going in the opposite direction,
started tumbling, rolled straight into the line of our bus and the
bang was it thumping into the bus. So, one of two of us bail out to
survey the damage to find a gaping hole in the front of the bus. It
had actually punched it's way through the metal - crazy stuff as
another half a meter higher and it would've been the window....
Still though, we laughed it off and set off on our way. Lets hope
that's my only bit of excitement involving automotive vehicles (or
anything that involves motion, planes, etc.) for the forthcoming weeks.

So long to Wanaka

Surprise running time