Dave MacLeod Climbing: Ring of Steall project sent!

Dave MacLeod Climbing: Ring of Steall project sent!

The most amazing piece of writing I've seen in ages on Dave McLeod's blog.
After climbing a new route, he had this to say at the very end....
"We can really do anything, and I mean anything we want. Circumstances are indeed barriers, but never impenetrable ones. We are limited only by knowing exactly what we want and having the pure motivation to find it. I always heard this idea from ‘motivational types’ in the past. As a sceptic I’ve spent over ten years trying to refute it by repeatedly trying seemingly impossible projects. Every time the result is the same – Tasks you are not truly motivated for may always remain beyond your reach, tasks you are deeply motivated for take you on a long and convoluted route around the barriers that circumstances create. Sometimes, in the thick of the maze of circumstances, you realise your motivation is not deep enough and its best to try something else. But when the motivation remains through deep frustration, the results are always… always… just around the corner.

How cool is that."

How inspiring is that?!?!?

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