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I doubt this will matter to people but just to let you know that I'm subscribed to a load of sites through the great Google Reader. As a habit, there's an option in the site to mark all news articles that I find interesting which I use regularly. The other option is to 'share' the items. Well, as many of you know, I'm a big fan of the idea of sharing things :), so I share everything automatically also! Think of me as a filter ;)
the link to the feed is:
and to view it just as a normal web-page for those who still like looking at a normal page:
Basically that little box on the side of my own blog called 'Neal's Shared Items' is this feed (that I mention above) so it's the same thing.

For anyone who likes checking in with a few websites they're interested in, I can't but recommend Google Reader (or email clients like the new version of Outlook, etc.). In case anyone is wondering how I manage to keep up with the feeds, there's a few rules of thumb that I recommend if you subscribe to multiple sites:
1. Set yourself a time limit for reading them at one time - otherwise you could be going through them all day. There's an option to 'mark all as read' (just like email) which I use. I spend about 30 minutes per day reading them.
2. Put them all in folders and make sure to enable the option (if you're using Google Reader) to only 'display new items'. Basically, the sites only show up to be read if there's a new article publication. That means you have a much tidier screen to deal with.
3. Delete sites after a time, or for me, move them into a folder for storage or quiet days (e.g. the odd day in work ;) - this is for sites that turn out to be just not interesting, publish too much (one site I had was publishing over 40 a day!), or are just boring. I still keep them however, as you never know if you'll need them again.

Note: for those on laptops, try out Google Readers new off-line feature, meaning that even when you're not on the internet, it's possible to still read the articles. I completely depend on it, as can't afford to pay internet-café rates all day (average about 2-3 Euro per hour). Only disadvantage? You can't view images or any embedded videos. Still though, just make those as unread again and re-read them when you're back online. Works well for me.

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