The stunning (or lack there of) feature of Christchurch

Do you know what's weird about Christchurch? This has been bugging me since I got here as I couldn't figure it out, but I think I'm after realizing what the issue is. I've been walking around with my camera as always slung over my shoulder, but I can't find anything amazing to photograph. Maybe it's just after coming through some extravagant cities (the Opera house of Sydney, Melbourne's river-front, Bangkok's Chinatown, Phnom Penh's castle) but I can't find anything of real stand-out here.
But the weird thing is, it doesn't really matter here - that's not what Christchurch is out. As I was saying to HAP recently and to some other people I've been speaking to, Christchurch is really just a like a bigger version of Galway in Ireland. Basically a really cool town/city (population of 400,000 so it's not that big).

Having said that, I haven't seen the wilder party night-life of Galway, and the city doesn't have the same feeling of life (is that to do with the river in Galway though - something natural that gives life to the city?), but it's laid-back, everyone is friendly, and you can easily spend 10 days here and not realize you've done. Wait a minute, 10 days?!?!, ahhhh crap! ;)
Still though, here's my struggle to take some photos while in Christchurch. They seem to love their graffiti - I've lost count of how many buildings I've seen that have been 'creatively' colored in. And of course, I had to take a photo of the monument in Cathedral Square (I hope it's not their tribute to the Millenium like the needle in Dublin!). And just showing you can't go anywhere in the world anymore without getting a chinese - Christchurch seems to have more than it's share of them. Or Starbucks (3 of them within 200 meters of each other from my latest guess).

Note: this is just a little trial with Google Picassa's new slideshow feature. I've been trying to figure out how to use it, maybe this is the best way? i.e. just for a single location? Let me know what you think.....


Michael Reardon memorial