Road-trip justification

I'm only getting around to reading Lynn Hill's great blog over on FindYourDetour.

Here's an interesting little snippet on her thoughts towards road trips. It's something that has bugged me a little bit on this trip, especially with our 4.0l tank (aka The Barge) in Australia. I've pretty much justified all our driving on the pretense that everything else I'm currently doing is so low-impact - no baths, no electricity, etc. I'm of a similar opinion: we need to adapt our lifestyles to suit the unfortunate fact of trashing the planet, but that we need to figure out how to do it so that we can still make use of all the technologies we've developed. No-one wants to go back to the land before airline flights for example. right?

Lynn Hill road-trip blog thoughts

What do people think? all comments and thoughts on this are welcome!

by the way, a cool write-up on SLC in her blog also:
"Salt Lake City also happens to be a hub of perhaps the largest concentration of cliffs in the US. There is a variety of different types of rock, bouldering, traditional climbing and sport climbing. Depending on the season, temperature, or whether you prefer sport climbing on bolt protected faces, or climb long multi-pitch routes, there are plenty of places to go. There are three major areas, each made up of a different type of rock located within 40 minutes-drive of Salt Lake City: Big Cottonwood canyon (quartzite rock-type), Little Cottonwood canyon (granite) and American Fork (limestone)."

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