One of moments in life you appreciate and proof of exit

You know you're getting older when you realise you're sitting in a pub drinking with one of your cousins, and realise you're both old enough to do it. Obviously you're discussing life and lots of other of the usual inspiring 'meaning of life' conversations that usually come up when having a pint but it's a start :)
A great way to spend the last night in Australia. Many thanks cuz for putting me over for a few days!

The Barge was sold at a nasty 60% loss due to us having to sell up in the middle of winter, which is unfortunate, but I've worked it out and it was still cheaper than us renting out a car for the period so that's the main thing. 3 months seems to be the borderline amount of time to be buying a car for.

Lesson learned from departure from Australia? When arriving in New Zealand without any visa whatsoever, it kind of makes sense that you should some sort of proof that you're going to leave the country :) Oh well, one walk around the airport, the handy use of a credit card, and voila, I was on my way. Looks like I'm supposedly meant to fly back to Oz on September 15th, will have to arrange more plans before then of course.
Speaking of plans, does anyone know the cheapest website for flights worldwide? Or is the best way still just to use Expedia (or similar site), find out the cheapest deal, and then go directly to the airline's official site and save on Expedia's commision? Thanks to HAP for that one by the way....

Today is my first experience of a long-ish haul flight without any free services or facilities. 4 hours on a Jetstar plane (about as good as your typical Ryanair plane back in Europe) without any tv, or free food. Firstly, oh am I glad I demolished a mountain of pancakes this morning, and secondly, thankfully I've saved some movies onto the laptop to keep myself sane ;) The joys of a modern backpacker......

Update: Since writing this, I've found that Google now has a function for when it thinks you may be searching for flight prices, etc. You'll find the details here (from another blog I keep an eye on);

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