New toys

After posting my comments on the privileges in life - I thought I'd put this up as it shows just how easy I have it. Basically, it's an admittance that I know I have it easy!

So, I'm selling the bike and my fingerboard, possibly my ice-axes and crampons. And replacing them with the sports I truly enjoy. That's climbing - in case you hadn't figured that out ;), running gear, and snowboarding gear. So here's the latter newest additions. Unfortunately at the moment, the snow is pretty lacking in Wanaka and I'd rather not trash my board too quickly, so am holding off as long as I can before heading up.
by the way, for all you snowboarders out there, is there any good websites for getting instructions on how to learn how to jump? Please post to comments, no emailing me directly - basically so it's helpful to everyone else! Don't be scared people :)

with crazy steel-cable lacing system.....

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